Study Permit for Canada

happy students who moved to Canada for further studies

Steps to apply for a study permit to canada

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  • Check for DLI Number and Post Graduate Work Permit eligible programs
  • Apply, receive an offer letter, pay the tuition, then wait to receive a letter of acceptance.
  • Admission confirmation with program details
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate for a sum of CAD10,000
  • Language test score
  • Upfront medical examination

Study permit application pathways

Student Direct Stream(SDS)

Non-Student Direct Stream

SDS supports faster processing of Study Permits for eligible post-secondary students to Canada. Through the SDS, an applicant provides additional information up front, allowing officers to make a thorough assessment and final decision quickly. SDS covers 14 countries including India and Pakistan

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Study Permit and accompanying family members:

You can apply to bring your partner and/or any dependant children with you to Canada while you are a student. Children may travel on a Temporary Resident Visa/Study Permit and your spouse may come on a Temporary Resident Visa/Work Permit, but you must show that you have the financial means to sustain your family and pay for your education.

Work Permit after Study Permit

You must submit your PGWP application as soon as possible. In your PGWP application packet, you must also submit the programme completion letter from your school.

Permanent Residence

You may be eligible to become a Permanent Resident in Canada after 1 year of work experience in any O, A, B skilled jobs [NOC-National Occupational Classification]. You may get a chance to become a PR through Express Entry, Canadian Experience Class or provincial nominations

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